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And . . . we're halfway into 2022 already . . . sheesh. Been a low key but busy year here and there with B7A. Major installation of Avid Protools/S6 consoles down in Arizona in May, some HOW consultations/upgrades for several churches on the Peninsula, occasional FOH gigs, a couple of Atmos consultations/installs, and finally working on my own music with New Sun, in our 29th year as a band. Details on the latter soon over at


Sept 2021 - Been a very busy year up to now. Spent 7 months installing and testing a broadcast control room/audio control room/record booth and theater at an undisclosed Apple location for David Carroll Associates. learned much about networking and Merging Technologies hardware/software. Finished mixing 2 albums for John Mabry (Metaphor/Mind Furniture), currently mastering one of them for release later this year. Mastered and released my debut solo album from 1991, This World in July. And the year is not done yet . . .



2021!! Wholly Flying Faders . . . so much has been going on the past year. Let's see . . . pandemics, remixing New Sun Transitory, plagues, remixing New Sun Damage Done, Covid-19, Dan Panasenko- Illuminated Beast album that was the most challenging and most fun I've had in years, Installing broadcast control rooms at Dropbox, home a lot, Building and installing broadcast control rooms at Apple, tracking and mixing 2 albums concurrently for John Mabry, mastering Tony Romero's Vortex debut album, writing new material, remixing my original debut solo album from 1990 . . . too busy, making up for 7 months of no work, and OK with it!



2018 Been a busy year here at B7A and I've not had much time to update news.

Where shall I begin . . . clients and projects passing through this year:

Overdubbed and mixed 2 songs for Michael Lusk, Mixed new material from Ehlis/White/McNamara, Mastered an album by Marissa Kay, Mixed a very interesting and cool 12 minute piece of creativity from Daniel Panasenko, Mixed recordings from 2016 for John Ehlis, Assisted Metaphor with vocals for their new album The Pearl, remixed as an instrumental the song Some Pain I mixed in 2014 for Tami Mulcahy, lot's of Cisco sessions, worked on an installation for David Carroll and Associates at LinkedIn, Mixed two remix song for Genre Peak, still doing some live events as FOH, FOH for NBCC, recorded a live show of Kevin Coelho and mixed, wrote, recorded and mixed Codiche Segrete delle Macchine instrumental and released, had 40 K-5th graders through my studio in August from Achiever Institute, remixing New Sun's 2012 album Damage Done, and mixing a live recording of our departed friend Chris Trujillo as A Dog Named Buckley from 2011.

Year's not done yet . . . 


Fall/Winter 2016

CSC's band New Sun released their 5th album Transitory in Sept and it is doing very well. Multiple projects have been ongoing including Grampa's Chili 2nd album, recording and mixing live events for Stanford Jazz Consortium (including Taylor Eigsti), 6th mix project with John Ehlis, Musicians of La Honda Project, tracking a live performance by Pomplamoose and recordings for Patreon employees at 25th Street Recording, FOH duties for NBCC and several private events, as well as teaching 2 Studio production courses at Cogswell College. Whew . . . yes, a busy year. Cheers

Oh, and the studio got a computer and Protools upgrade this summer. We are very current now :0)




Summer 2015


Starting on Jan 6th, 2015 has been a "don't blink or I might miss something" first 6 months. Between working on the new Genre Peak , New Sun and Grampa's Chili albums, mastering Peter Daldry's new album "Sands of Life" and Gus Fjelstrom's new album "Intention", various FOH duties in several venues, teaching live Sound at Cogswell College, contract work for Cisco, and at least 4 different system installation with David Carroll and Associates, barely had time to breath.


Whew, deep breath, relax and get ready for the next onslaught!


Let us know if you have some recording, mastering, live sound needs.



Spring 2015


Scotsman Peter Daldry's new CD "The Sands of Life" is tracked, mixed and mastered. Release is in May

 John Ehlis' new CD "In This Lifetime" is out and available. Mixed here at B7A and mastered by long time friend and mentor Tom Carr, this is the 5th project CSC has done with John.

The 5th New Sun album "Transitory" is still in progress, but progress is good. Album will be released in 2015. The first single from it "Down By Sea" was released in the summer of 2014.

Grampa's Chili are back at B7A working on their 2nd album. Tracking will be ongoing summer of 2015.

Gus Fjelstrom, longtime friend and collaborator, brought in his 3rd ambient album "Intention" to be mastered by CSC. Big and lush would be apt words.

CSC has been recording live shows at Stanford in collaboration with Kevin Coelho this past year. Brubeck Institute Fellows Concert, Charged Particles with and without Paul McCandless, Kevin's own band, Ray Obiedo's latin group with the Escovedo family, and several student recording projects.

Much more to come this summer



Kevin Coelho's "Turn It Up" mixed here at B7A is currently #13 in the Jazz Charts. Just spent an entire weekend recording both a live CD release show and headed back in studio with Kevin for a new album.
Lot's to mix over the next 2 weeks.